Soluciones globales

hi! Real Estate interferes with exquisite and personalized requirements, overseeing every stage of each project, offering customized solutions to any agent need.

Its provide comprehensive real estate consultancy, from land management to final delivery and after-sales of properties in all areas: residential, commercial and industrial, regardless of the status of the asset.

Financial institutions

hi! Real Estate. Solutions: Financial institutions

Advice on every one of the current needs of financial institutions. Valuation of assets. Feasibility studies. Urban development management: planning, zoning and partial plans. Management of compensation boards. Urban development projects. Projects design, development and construction. Portfolio management and marketing. Before and after-sales services. Facility Management.


hi! Real Estate. Solutions: Developers/Cooperatives

Analysis and valuation of assets. Selection of market opportunities. Urban planning. Urban development, land subdivisión and construction projects. Legal and financial advice. Negotiation, management and signature of financing transactions. Contribution, partial repurchase or management agreements through subsidiaries. Projects design. Construction management, monitoring and execution: civil works, construction and renovation. Marketing of all kind of assets, regardless of their development phase. Maintenance and after-sales services.


hi! Real Estate. Solutions: Investors

Advice on acquisition and divestiture processes. Feasibility studies of assets. Due diligence. Legal and financial advice. Legal and administrative management in civil, commercial or tax matters with any public or private body. Design and development of projects. Own architecture studio. Project management and monitoring. Execution of Works: planning, monitoring, procurement management. Turn-key solutions. Comprehensive after-sale. Management of assets: marketing and commercialization, transactions processing and management, facility management.


hi! Real Estate. Solutions: Owners

Renovation and refurbishing projects design. Execution of works. Legal services: drafting contracts, tax, civil and commercial management with Public Adminsitrations, obtaining certificates. Financial advice. Searching for funding in accordance with customer needs. Commercialization of assets and portfolio management. Documents management and administrative procedures. Facility management: maintenance and solving incidents.

hi! Real Estate. Solutions: Users

Personal advice for the acquisition of a real estate asset. Searching for funding according to needs. Solving incidents. Temporary renting services.