Specialized Departments

hi! Real Estate increases its efficiency to a maximum thanks to its specialized Departments. Our Departments are made up of a team of highly qualified professionals that take care of each and every detail related to the real estate sector. The activities carried out by these professional teams are the following:


  • Accounting register and monitoring and carrying out of the monthly financial close.
  • Preparation of individual annual accounts according to GCA 2007.
  • Preparation of the consolidated annual accounts according to IFRS-EU.
  • Monitoring and documenting the annual audit of accounts.
  • Registration of suppliers and customers´ billing.
  • Management of the Company´s liquid assets and estimation of payments and collections.
  • Management of economic and technical security bonds.
  • Management of documents (both paper and digital files).
  • Negotiating, signing and managing financing transactions.
  • Searching for funding according to our customer´s needs.
  • Direct relationships with financial entities.
  • Standardization of information and introduction in the customer-system through a support compatible with Prinex.


  • Study, establishment and maintenance of all kind of Information Systems: analysis of the Company´s computer needs starting from its functional study, hardware and software solutions and platform maintenance with direct service to the end user
  • Final user support for troubleshooting at all levels.
  • Maintenance of the server operating system, email platforms and data bases under Windows environment.
  • Solutions adapted to different corporate environments from small to large companies.


General legal advice.

Civil Law:

  • Preparation of contracts and other legal documents related to construction, sale and leasing of real estate properties.
  • Documents of public record, formal notarized declarations of new building works, work completion certificates, detachments and plottages of land, as well as their monitoring up to registration.
  • Complaints and claims arising from third-parties relationships (i.e. dunning, enforcement of bonds, evictions, termination of contracts and arbitration records).

Social and administrative law:

  • Management of warrants, notices and garnishments with third parties and suppliers carried out in the corresponding institutions (Tax Agency, National Health Service and Civil and Labor Courts).
  • Study, advice and drafting of pleas and resources in administrative files and proceedings (i.e. Health and Consumer, O.M.I.C.-Municipal Consumer Information Office-, O.C.U.-Organization of Consumers and Users-, public institutions and state, regional and municipal administrations).
  • Advice on issues related to data protection regulations.
  • Issuance and renewal of certificates from the Regional Register of Bids, the Official Register of Bidders and State Companies.

Fiscal and commercial law:

  • Fiscal planning and advice for any transaction. Preparation and analysis of the necessary documents for inspections of any kind of tax.
  • Advice and management of state (i.e. Corporate Income Tax, VAT, IRPF-Personal Income Tax-), regional (i.e. TPO-Onerous Transfer Tax- and AJD-Stamp Duty-, among others) and local (i.e. IBI-Property Tax-, Added Value, IAE-Tax on Business Activities-) tax returns.
  • Property land management.
  • Advice on corporate transactions and preparation of the necessary documents (i.e. constitution, social agreements, capital increase and decrease, mergers and demergers).
  • Corporate affairs (i.e. notices, writing minutes and reports and control of books).


  • Project design. Own architectural firm.
  • Technical support and quality control: geotechnical support, materials control and performance testing.
  • Structural analysis and study of construction pathologies: study of alternatives, technical solutions, project control, control of execution of structures and analysis.
  • Facilities: Project control, performance testing, management and maintenance.
  • Energy efficiency and environmental certifications.
  • Licenses.
  • Topography.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Department.


  • Management, monitoring and execution of construction: planning, deviation control, study of alternatives, technical solutions, cost control, measurement control, finish quality control, technical control of environmental management.
  • Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 14001:2004 and OSHAS 18001:2007).
  • Reforms and restorations.
  • Contracting management.
  • Project monitoring and analysis: compliance with current regulations and traceability of project documents.
  • Waste management.
  • Final testing of systems.
  • Delivery documents.
  • Turnkey solutions.
  • Comprehensive after-sales service.


  • Customer relationship, personal contact and an experienced commercial team for each type of product are the main base to provide a high quality service.
  • Agreements for the provision, partial buyback or management through companies participated by financial entities.
  • Lands in any planning stage, as well as national and international portfolios.
  • Custom-made comprehensive commercialization of all kind of assets from agreeing the sale to the signing of deeds.
  • Buildings for sale or for lease. Selling-off developments. Rentals (collecting rents, monitoring deposits and managing incidents and defaults of payment).
  • Customer delivery and after-sale service.
  • Customer search and selection with our own Call Center.
  • Online and offline marketing. and advertising tools and own specialized Ad Department.
  • Management and coordination of own commercial networks and external agencies.


  • Market analysis and selection of investment opportunities.
  • Advice on acquisition and disinvestment processes.
  • Assets valuation and feasibility analysis.
  • Strategic planning, development of business plans, long and short-term targeting, and annual budgets preparation and review.
  • Budgetary control, development of dashboards and monitoring models, audit of costs and revenues and diversion control, and report to clients.
  • Standardization of projects´ and products´ information to be used by the different business areas.



    hi! Real Estate is qualified to provide services all over the country. Currently, this Company is present in Catalonia, Valencia, Madrid, Castile and León, Castile-La Mancha and Andalusia.

    Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic and the United Kingdom represent some of the European countries in which hi! Real Estate has developed its skills in real estate management.


    The Company is prepared to easily adapt to any market. It is ratified by our presence in Panama, Ecuador, Mexico and Morocco.