Prevención y Medio Ambiente

hi! Real Estate works as a comprehensive manager, controlling all stages of the project, providing added value in all of them, and ensuring the optimization of the resources and a lesser impact on the environment.

hi! Obras y Servicios and hi! Construcción y Obra Civil are divisions offering building services within the group. From the very beginning, Work Health and Safety and Environmentally friendly policies have been essential factors within the organization. These tenets have allowed a constant improvement as regards prevention, ensuring the safest and healthiest work conditions for all employees and collaborators.

In this sense, hi! Obras y Servicios and hi! Construcción y Obra Civil have established and implemented an Integrated Management System according to standard ISO 45001 on Occupational health and safety management systems and ISO 14001 on Environmental Management, which proves the commitment of the company with safe, healthy and sustainable working conditions. hi! Obras y Servicios is also certified for both standards.

To read the Integrated Management System, please click here.

Environmental management certificates held by hi! Obras y Servicios: