Medio ambiente y prevención

hi! Real Estate works as an end-to-end manager, controlling all stages of the project, providing value at all of them and ensuring the optimization of resources and that they have as little effect as possible on the environment.

hi! Obras y Servicios, a division offering building services within the group, assumes in the development of each of its works the undertaking to ensure the health and safety of all its workers and to develop all its activities with utmost respect for the environment, minimizing any effects it may have, based on a mainly preventive Environmental and Health and Safety Policy. For developing such policy, it has established in its organization an Integrated Management System regarding Environmental Issues and Work Related Risk Prevention based, respectively, on rules UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

hi! Obras y Servicios establishes its Integrated Management System as part of its continuous improvement and respect for the environment compromises and according to the Health and Safety regulations. The main aim of this Management System is the optimization of processes for maximizing the results for its customers. To read the Integrated Management System, please click here.

Environmental management certificates held by hi! Obras y Servicios: