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Opening hours and reservations

Opening hours and reservations

At hi! Real Estate, we have prepared this protocol to make your visit to our offices safe for you and for all our staff.

The following offices will be open, subject to previous reservation:

Guadalajara: C/ Mayor 38 on the corner of the Santo Domingo square. Mondays to Fridays, from 10 to 13 h.
Click here to browse our developments in Guadalajara and for further information on the particular development you are interested in.

Corredor del Henares: Urbanización El Viso, C/ Jorge Guillén, 63. Villalbilla. Tuesdays to Fridays from 11 to 14 h. and from 16.30 to 19.30 h.
To book a visit for the developments of the Corredor del Henares area clicking here, choose one of them and send us your booking reservation.

Madrid: El Cañaveral. Online support for STAR stage 4 customers through starcañ For the rest of queries, please email us at
If you are interested in one of our Madrid developments, please click here and request a reservation.

When you come to our offices, remember these general social distancing guidelines for COVID-19:

- If possible, come on your own, unaccompanied. Just one customer can be assisted by one member of the staff at a time.
- Remember to bring your own face mask. If you do not have any, we will provide it to you, together with antibacterial hand gel.
- Keep your face mask on at all times. If you would like to dispose of it, there is a specific bin on your way out to do so.
- Observe social distancing, staying around two metres away from other people.
- Touch as few objects as possible, both in our offices and in the show house, if there any. We will show you anything you need.
- Please, refrain from using the toilets or waiting rooms. Tea and coffee service is temporarily suspended.

Currently, our other offices are still not offering this onsite reservation service, but do not hesitate to send us any queries through this website our site, find your development and email us requesting further information. Our staff will contact you by mail, phone, or video call.

We will keep you informed on any news regarding the opening of our offices just through this channel.