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Luis Guijarro, new Managing Director of hi! Real Estate

Luis Guijarro, new Managing Director of hi! Real Estate

This appointment acknowledges his professional career at hi! Real Estate, where he was working as its Deputy Managing Director up to now.

During our last hi! Real Estate Convention, the 20th edition, our CEO, Juan José Cercadillo, announced the appointment of Luis Guijarro as new Managing Director, which will contribute to the consolidation and evolution of the company within the real estate sector, a sector which is undergoing constant change.

"His long experience and deep knowledge of the real estate sector and of the company, together with his technical skills, ensure his sucess and that of hi! Real Estate in the management, construction, and development of properties", stated Juan José Cercadillo, CEO for the company.

Member of the Management Committee of hi! Real Estate, he has been working at our business group since its incorporation, having worked as Manager for the Administrative-Financial Division and afterwards, as Deputy Managing Director. His almost 30-year long career in the real estate sector, together with his contacts within the sector, allow him to lead the 300 members of our company towards a promising future, building demanded properties, developing leading sectors, and devising new markets and businesses as they begin to emerge.

Luis Guijarro Martínez is an honest and trustworthy man both for his collaborators and for his several external contacts. He is a lawyer, holds a Degree in Law by the University of Alcalá de Henares, a Postgraduate Degree in Financial and Tax Law by CETE and Real Estate Business Management by COMILLAS, and spends his free time with his family and friends and practicing his favourite hobby: painting.