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Hercesa, a leader in the development of the logistic sector

Hercesa, a leader in the development of the logistic sector

Hercesa and an international investment fund will open at the end of year 2020 a new logistic centre located at the very heart of the Corredor del Henares area, in Sector SNP-07 “Extension of area Polígono El Ruiseñor”, in Guadalajara.

Located on a 225,779m2 plot, with a built surface of 135,467m2, this new logistic centre will have storage, transport, and issuance areas and will have 188 docking points and a 4,000m2 office area.

The project, developed by hi! Real Estate, will include two smart and sustainable plants which will be built following the environmental and sustainability policies of our company. Besides the elements which will be used to build them to reduce pollution, the premises will have energy efficiency and waste management systems, as well as gardens and leisure areas for the employees. These will be key features for the premises to obtain the Leed V4 Silver certification.

Juan Jose Cercadillo Garcia, CEO for Hercesa, has stated: The “El Ruiseñor” project will help consolidate Guadalajara and its surrounding area as the area in Spain with a strongest appeal for the logistic activity.

Sector SNP-07 “Extension of the El Ruiseñor Area” in Guadalajara has a surface of 1,083,219.17 m2 in a particularly attractive location, as it has a perfect communication network around. Its direct acces to the main roads A-2 and R-2 and the fact that it is very close to the AVE high-speed railway station and to the airport make this location an unbeateable one, with excellent connections which will make business easier for the companies, increasing in this way the economic development of the area and promoting the creation of new jobs.

Hercesa places itself in this way as an uncontested leader in the logistic development of the Corredor del Henares area, gaining in this way the confidence of the largest logistic operators in Spain, who trust a company with an experience of over 40 years in the sector.

Besides the already mentioned Sector SNP-07, Hercesa has successfully developed the most significant logistic platforms of the Corredor del Henares. This is the case of sector SI-20 in Cabanillas del Campo, S3 in Chiloeches, and the recently opened Ciudad del Transporte “Puerta Centro” in Marchamalo and Guadalajara.

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