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his morning, the BREEAM certificate plaque was installed by Mr. Javier Rodríguez Palacios, Mayor of Alcalá de Henares, and Mr. Juan José Cercadillo Calvo, CEO of hi! Real Estate, ccompanied by Mr. Alberto Blázquez, Town Planning Delegate of the Town Hall of Alcalá de Henares.

Mr. Miguel Solano, an architect from the company, has explained to the attendants the most relevant sustainable construction milestones for achieving the 2-star BREEAM rating. Workers from the developer and the construction company, as well as representatives from the collaborating companies, the administrator of the estate and some of the building's eighbours also took part in the event to recognize the environmental care of this residential development.

The prestigious BREEAM rating (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) is the most technically advanced method for assessing sustainability in building construction and has been the worldwide standard since 1990. It is an independent examination assessing all the elements that promote the health and well-being of users from the onstruction phase to the subsequent use and maintenance of the homes and their environment.

"La Garena Estación" is the first subsidised housing development in Spain to obtain this certificate.

Mr. Félix Rodríguez Fernández, BREEAM Institutional Relations, acknowledged in this video the work of the Community of Madrid, the Town Hall of Alcalá de Henares and hi! Real Estate for their commitment and efforts to achieve the environmental objectives related to energy and water saving in order to minimize the environmental impact in terms of materials, waste, transport, or pollution.

According to Juan José Cercadillo, "we contribute to the development of new residential and logistics areas throughout the Corredor del Henares area, focusing on homes that generate he lowest environmental impact on the environment, while consolidating the market and promoting job creation in the area".
"La Garena Estación" is a project of 64 units that has developed a residential programme through a linear building located in the neighbourhood of La Garena in Alcalá de Henares, an area of high residential demand due to its urban design, location and facilities. It is an area surrounded by public transport hubs such as the short distance train station and has asy access to the main communication routes that connect it locally and nationally. In addition, its nearby services allow for a lifestyle that does not require the use of a car.
Due to all these characteristics, "La Garena Estación" was expected to be a highly successful commercial project; however, hi! Real Estate, true to its innovative spirit, opted for the BREEAM certification as a method of offering a more technically advanced building to its customers, both during the construction stage and in its subsequent maintenance. "In addition to an excellent product in terms of location, price and quality, we were aiming at providing our clients with a home with a lower energy demand, environmentally friendly and ith more sustainable maintenance processes" stated Montserrat Cercadillo, Director of the Real Estate Division of hi! Real Estate.

The homes, classified as VPPB (homes with basic public protection), are designed with a double orientation to make the most of the geographical conditions of the location, enhancing the energy efficiency of the building. The common rooms are south-facing, with large terraces and exceptional views of the "El Viso" mountain. To the north, the bedrooms make up a ibrant façade with a markedly urban character.

During the subsequent guided tour, Miguel Solano, as the architect and designer of the project, spoke about these features and the rest of those assessed by BREEAM, such as the solar thermal installation, the thermostatic valves throughout the units for the independent control of each room, achieving 62% saving in heating energy consumption, lighting in communal areas with energy-saving lamps and presence detection systems, dual flush toilets, an erosion report for site protection, the installation of oil and fuel separators in the surface ater drainage system, lifts with variable speed, power and frequency control, standby mode in low demand periods and energy efficient lighting, etc.
In addition, many measures of the Biodiversity Management Plan have been implemented, such as the establishment of perimeter "hedgerows", a habitat for several species of local fauna nd a protective barrier against pollution.

The hi! Real Estate's sales team has provided customers with a good practice guide for an efficient use of their homes which includes additional information on the European Energy fficiency Labelling System for household appliances.

In short, hi! Real Estate keeps on working to create homes with more savings, more well-being, more value, less noise, and fewer polluting emissions.

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