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hi! 2018 synthesizes the commitment of the professionals that make up the hi team! Real Estate with the client, with the company itself and with the real estate sector. We invite you to view both versions so you know the reasons why we think you have. also "You have to STAR."


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hi! Real Estate is developing as a comprehensive manager, so that we control each and every one of the stages of our projects, ensuring the highest quality in each of them. The approach of these works towards the management and the optimization of time have required a deep knowledge of the characteristics of the real estate sector.

Due to this approach, the company has defined a business structure which meets the needs of the current market so as to offer global real estate services, regardless of the needs of the asset or of the development stage.

hi! Real Estate, hi! Obras y Servicios, and hi! Projects are the three divisions offering the shared management, building, and promotion services, respectively, and they are the bases which support the different specialized departments, which allows us to optimize times in an efficient way in the different real estate markets: residential, commercial, tertiary, and industrial.

The intense regeneration of the real estate sector, which has entailed essential changes for its adaptation as regards strategies, operation, and tools, has caused the professionalization and a higher specialization in the offer of real estate services in each of the stages of the lifespan of the asset. hi! Real Estate characterizes by covering all needs internally, as we understand that the specialization and training of the more than 300 professionals of its team always ensure the control and success in the compliance with the budgets and aims. This 360º focus reinforces our ability to quickly act in all development stages, both occasionally in problem solving or on a global level in all sectors and all asset types.

When developing our work, hi! Real Estate is based on two key principles: placing the interests of our customers first and increasing added value. This client-orientation of our company and concern for maximum profitability in every decision we take are the reasons why our nearly 28,000 clients are fully satisfied, as well as the success in high rates of return of more than 200 own or joint investment property developments.

Customized solutions for all types of customers:

  • Banks
  • Investment funds
  • Developers/Cooperatives
  • Owners and users

Real Estate Sectors:

  • Residential
  • Industrial and logistics
  • Tertiary and commercial

Professional services:

  • Project management y monitoring
  • Construcción, diseño y desarrollo de proyectos
  • Planeamiento y urbanismo
  • Gestión integral de proyectos
  • Residencial. Terciario y comercial
  • Industrial y logística
  • Gestión patrimonial
  • Facility Management
  • Mantenimiento y posventa
  • Rehabilitación, medio ambiente, sostenibilidad y eficiencia energética.

International Outreach: National and international


Hi! Real Estate is qualified to provide services all over the country. Currently, this Company is present in Catalonia, Valencia, Madrid, Castile and León, Castile-La Mancha and Andalusia.


Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic and the United Kingdom represent some of the European countries in which Hercesa Management, Obras y Servicios has developed its skills in real estate management.


The Company is prepared to easily adapt to any market. It is ratified by our presence in Panama, Ecuador, Mexico and Morocco.



more than 300 people


19 offices in 8 countries

Board of directors

Committee Of Management, composed by:

  • Juan José Cercadillo Calvo. Director General
  • Luis Francisco Guijarro Martínez. Subdirector General
  • Gregorio Castillo Sampedro. Director Departamento Planificación y Control
  • Laura Espliego Monedero. Directora Departamento Financiero
  • Eladio Catalán Mínguez. Director División Proyectos
  • Maria Isabel Gil Inés. Directora Departamento Jurídico
  • José Luis Fernandez del Viso. Director de Área de Urbanismo
  • Montserrat Cercadillo Calvo. Directora División Inmobiliaria
  • Blas Pérez – Andújar. Director Obras y Servicios

Residential developments







El Cañaveral Madrid capital 816 Flats
Nuevo Parque Rosales Madrid capital 138 Flats
Boadilla Boadilla del Monte 125 Flats
Miramadrid Paracuellos del Jarama 32 Flats
Unión Europea, 31 Arroyomolinos 38 Flats
Avda. Francia, Avda. Italia, C/ Holanda
Arroyomolinos 48 Single-family House
Miguel de Unamuno
Alcalá de Henares
42 Single-family House



Nuevo Aguas Vivas Guadalajara 38 Single-family House
Sierra Nevada Guadalajara 9 Single-family House
Gran Torre y Gran Torre 10 Guadalajara 53 Flats
El Fuerte Guadalajara 62 Flats



Bulevar Louis Pasteur Málaga 220 Flats
Las Olas Estepona 48 Flats
Princesa Kristina Manilva 143 Flats
  TOTAL 2139  


Residential developments







Arturo Soria Madrid 10 Flats
Aravaca Madrid 21 Flats
La Catalana Vicálvaro (Madrid) 10 Flats



Varias Guadalajara 171 Flats
Apartamentos Turísticos Guadalajara 69 Flats

  TOTAL 364  





Guadalajara Development in El Ruiseñor Industrial Park 1.508.881
Guadalajara Development in the intermodal platform of Puerta Centro, City of Transport 2.147.000




Area m2s


Buildability (m2)

Rumanía Residential, hotel, office and commercial use 210.106 3.551 480.634
Portugal Residential, office and commercial use 74.166 1.633 204.225
Bulgaria Residential and commercial use 119.418 2.284 227.154
República Checa Residential use 12.220 401 33.228
Marruecos Residential, hotel and commercial use 7.369 44 11.100
Panamá Residential and office use 4.099 393 23.658
Ecuador Residential and commercial use 297.917 7.084 594.463
México Residential use 63.591 479 45.505
  TOTAL 788.886 15.869 1.619.967