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  Plaza de Europa, 3, 19002 Guadalajara
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hi! Real Estate meets all its needs internally, because we are aware of the fact that the expertise and training of our professionals is always a sign of control and success in meeting our budgets and goals.

This reinforces our ability to take part in each and every development phase, not only occasionally for solving problems but also globally.

Our highly qualified team made up of more than 300 professionals, together with our knowledge of the real estate sectors, make possible to speed up efforts the best way possible.

Construction Services

Blas Pérez-Andujar

Department of Finance

Laura Espliego Monedero

International Division

Francisco Vázquez González

Building & Civil Works

Pedro Herrera

After-Sales Service

Pedro Pardo del Amo

Communication Dept.

Nuria Sánchez Aguirre