The Code of Ethical Conduct of hi! Real Estate establishes the moral ethical principles arising within the current regulations and all values held by our originally family based company with a traditional hands-on spirit and a forward looking attitude walking hand in hand with new technologies and digitalization.

Now in the 21st century, having an ethics code based on generally accepted principles is essential. Some of these principles are:

  • Respect for legality.
  • Respect for human rights and public liberties.
  • Objectivity and integrity.
  • Environmental protection and a well-balanced urban planning conception.
  • Fight against corruption and extortion and anti-bribery programme.
  • Prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • LOPD (Spanish Organic Law on Data Protection).

After approving the business guidelines for our behaviour and action rules, all interest groups around our company (suppliers, partners, etc.) shall need to comply with our Corporate Culture and Governance, which will allow us to adopt certain business conducts and relationships.

This Code is aimed at and binding for all companies belonging to the hi! Group, as well as for all individuals belonging to it, i.e.:

  • Directors and managers.
  • Members of the administration bodies.
  • All employees (including trainees).

In the same way, we will promote its wider application among temporary joint ventures and rest of associations or foundations where our company may take part.

The hi! Group undertakes to equally promote among all collaborators and suppliers with whom we may work all values and principles included in this Code.

Lastly, the hi! Group undertakes to ensure that this Code is applied in all countries where it may operate.

Our CODE OF EThiCAL CONDUCT and its regulatory compliance instrument, the COMPLIANCE HANDBOOK, set the bases for the company to turn 100 years old and far beyond. This handbook includes the 20 basic conduct rules that have allowed hi! Real Estate to become a reference within the real estate sector.

In hi! Real Estate, our conduct has always been responsible, but with this CODE OF EThiCAL CONDUCT, we publicly reinforce our undertaking.

To download the file, please click here: CODE OF EThiCAL CONDUCT

We annually verify the degree of compliance with everything established in the previous Code of Conduct and other Compliance policies and publish the COMPLIANCE AND GOOD GOVERNANCE REPORT. To know the year 2019, click here:
a href="/Portals/hirealestate/documents/pdf/hi-ethica-Informe-cumplimiento-2019.pdf" class="btn" target="_blank">COMPLIANCE AND GOOD GOVERNANCE REPORT 2019